Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birday!!!
Thats my dad!!

Today is the old mans birthday and and i just wanted to wish him a happy Birthday! I hope you have a great birthday dad! My dad is one awesome guy and i love him so much. He is so kind to everybody and everybody thinks he is their best friend. He is so lovable, likable and kind hearted, and i never met a nicer person then my dad. He is a very good example to stratton and I and is always keeping us laughing. I am definitely my dad favorite child because i was a big time daddy's girl and the only child to ever like him better then my mom :) and I always kept his belly button clean i know weird but i thought that was my job. My dad and i would always have so much fun joking around with each other i would climb all over him and he would call me a little fly and then i would call him a no neck, hairy dog, comb over and we would just laugh and laugh. I am so grateful for my dad and all that he does for me and the good example he is and i hope you have a happy birthday old man.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We love family!!!

These are picture from the first time my parents came and took my camera. This is Stratton and Gunner in the cold water crazy kids.

This was in Durango Gunner, Stratton and I went kayaking and this is me and my great skills
Gunner showing off his skills
I dont know who is more excited stratton or my dad!

This weekend was awesome!! Stratton and I both had a tournament in Alamosa so our parents came and watched us play. I was really excited to have family and visitors it doesn't happen much now days and it was really good to see our parents. Stratton was making fun of me because i was so happy all week waiting for them to come. It was a lot of fun and my mom brought my camera so now i can post some picture woohoo, and we just want to tell our families we love them so much and thanks so much for all the support they give us we are two lucky kids to have the best families ever!