Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birday!!!
Thats my dad!!

Today is the old mans birthday and and i just wanted to wish him a happy Birthday! I hope you have a great birthday dad! My dad is one awesome guy and i love him so much. He is so kind to everybody and everybody thinks he is their best friend. He is so lovable, likable and kind hearted, and i never met a nicer person then my dad. He is a very good example to stratton and I and is always keeping us laughing. I am definitely my dad favorite child because i was a big time daddy's girl and the only child to ever like him better then my mom :) and I always kept his belly button clean i know weird but i thought that was my job. My dad and i would always have so much fun joking around with each other i would climb all over him and he would call me a little fly and then i would call him a no neck, hairy dog, comb over and we would just laugh and laugh. I am so grateful for my dad and all that he does for me and the good example he is and i hope you have a happy birthday old man.


DeWitts said...

Oh cute post. You sure are dad's favorite but whoever would clean his belly button out sure does deserve to be the favorite. haha! Love the picture of you dad, look at his cowgirl. We missed you so much this weekend we had fun but we could sure tell someone and someone means both of you were missing. Can't wait for christmas. Coop is going nuts!

Love ya guys! Call me on Josh's phone when you have time. My phone is still dead.

kasey ferrell said...

oh misti you are so funny, do you keep your hubbys belly button clean now?! how is school going can you believe it we have almost another semester done!!! woooh

We are the delightfully happy Denhalters said...

haha.. oh misti you crack me up. I had no idea you kept his belly button clean... hehe you are so sweet. I love your dad, I THINK he is my best friend too:) he is halarious! I hope he had a happy birthday. oh and im a little dissapointed. I quit dreaming of you? haha darn it. That was the only way i got to see you. haha. Oh man that sounds weird. But what can i say I miss you! haha. Love ya misti! Tell stratton Hiiii too. I cant wait to see you at Christmas time. We need to have a girl party with all our friends!

Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

True true! Mark is the greatest and we love him!!!
The trip when your parents came down looks like tons of fun. We hope you guys are doing great. WE love you keep up on the games and the pictures on the internet! Cán't wait to see you guys at Christmas!!!