Thursday, October 23, 2008

Late Show

Well I have not posted in a long time. Stratton and I have been super busy with basketball and school and more basketball but tonight was the Adams State late show and it's just a thing were they introducing our teams and having some competitions. So of course they thought it would be cool to have Statton and me go against each other in the three point contest. Stratton's coach was talking so much crap to me today how Stratton was going to beat me but lets just say i was feeling pretty lucky tonight and killed Stratton 20-10 haha it was pretty funny but lots of fun to get out and play but the coolest thing was when the introduced us all individually they had a spot light on you and stratton did a back flip it was awesome i didn't even know he could do that he is pretty amazing and I love the all the fun we have together, living far away from home its amazing how much our relationship has grown and how much we depend on each other. Well this is what has been going on in the Solomons home maybe next time i will have picture when my wonderful mom sends me my camera that i left in snowflake.