Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back To Colorado

Well its always so hard to leave family because our family spoils us so much. We are so grateful for our families they both do so much its amazing we ever even leave. Thanks to my family for letting us stay and bum every meal my mom is amazing i don't know how she keeps up with cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner is something i always expect to just be on the table all the time but now that i have to cook wow mom your amazing nothing better then hanging out with my mom all day and waiting for Gunner to come home for school to have somebody to tease and to find out what dumb thing my dad has next on his mind. It's also fun to hang out with my sister and Cooper, Marti is always looking out for me and making sweet things for my house. Then Strattons family spoils us with more then we deserve we where thinking of trading in the little blue truck for a four wheel drive because we thought we might need it in Colorado and thanks to Brent he hooked us up with a beautiful truck. What a blessing family is they are so supportive and want the best for us all the time what would Stratton and I do without our family they are the best.