Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life of Stratton and Misti

Well life of the the solomons is pretty exciting! It starts off with Stratton or I having practice and just when he gets out i have practice and then i get out and back to practice Stratton goes and then when he gets out back to practice i go. So we don't really see much of each other maybe if we are lucky we pass by each other in and out of practice. It's kind of funny but when the end of the day comes we are both pretty tired and we just lay on the couch trying to see who got the biggest bruise. (stratton usually wins because he is way smaller then his team so his teams elbows are at his face haha) but one night when i got out of practice i came home and Stratton had dinner made and he bought me flowers and had the table all set and had our favorite songs playing. I know i am one lucky girl and i think he just didn't want to hear me complain. haha but really stratton is one cool cat and i love him so much.
(I should of taken the picture when i got home but i didn't, but the flowers are still alive woohoo)

This is right out our back door and those are deer. It's weird
these deer in Colorado just hang out in town i don't know why but i think
me and stratton are going to go rope one someday.
( I should take it in the day i dont know how to take picture at night haha)

This is my buddy decorating the tree! Oh how i love
this boy!