Monday, September 21, 2009

The Best Family

I love these kids they are the coolest just look at them!

Baby Brewer

Mom and Dad and all the grandkids

Crazy kids

Kase and Mali so big now!

Jon and Kate have nothing on me! haha

Well we had one quick but awesome weekend. My sister Marti had her baby and all the family was going this weekend to Snowflake to see baby Brewer. This is always the hardest time for me to know everybody is at home and i can't be there, but not this time surprise look who showed up. It all started 5:30 Friday night Stratton came home from weights and said do you want to go to the movies tonight and so he called and all the Movies this weekend in Alamosa were rated R so that was a no go. Then he was like lets go to Snowflake and you don't have to tell me twice I was like really woohoo bags packed sitting in the truck haha, bu he said just one thing you have to keep me awake. If you know me as soon as i get in the truck I fall asleep but i stayed awake the whole time and we made it to Snowflake at 12:45 in the morning and everybody was sleeping so i went into my moms room and she was like Porter what do you need of course Porter would be walking around that late then she was like Misti what are you doing haha it was pretty good. Then i went and woke up Monty and Kendra and Krew was just laying in bed smiling haha good times. We had a great weekend so many babies nobody had to fight over holding a baby and of course my moms awesome cooking she works so hard and makes the best food. That was are awesome weekend with the best family in the world.