Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings.....What?

Yesterday Stratton and I got up and got ready for church that starts at 9. We were pretty excited because we were going to be on time, and we didn't have any late basketball games and we werent getting home at 5 in the morning from traveling. So we drove to church and there were a lot of cars at church already. As we got out i kind of jokingly said "did church start at 8 today." So we walk in to the church and sacrament meeting has already started. At first We were like "that's weird", we thought we were going to be a minute or two early. So we walk in to find a seat and everybody is smiling so big at us and some people are even laughing it was really strange. So we sit down and Stratton looks up at the clock and started laughing so hard and was like Misti it's almost 10 and i still didn't get it. First I thought "did the electricity go off last night" I was just so confused and then Stratton told me daylight savings began last night..... Oh man we felt so stupid and it was pretty much the joke of the ward that day. Stupid Arizona kids forgot to set their clocks ahead haha Joke on us! It was pretty funny. So welcome Daylight savings! I still don't understand it.