Monday, December 6, 2010

Looking for the perfect gift?

Power Balance Bands Come get them while they are hot.
It's crazy how they work.
They are the perfect gift for anyone.
Sport players and celebrities are loving them.
Leave a comment if you want to know more about them.
Selling them for
1 for $14
2 for $20
Perfect stocking stuffer!


Kacie said...

Send me some info Misti. What are they?

Tyler and Bryna said...

These totally work!!!! i've tried them!

Misti and Stratton said...

I know they are so crazy Stratton didn't believe me then I showed him I could touch my toes he was shocked haha I never could touch my toes. I don't know if it's just in your head or what but whatever it is it's fun

jilliann said...

what the heck are these things? I I keep seeing them everywhere. do they really work?