Saturday, May 1, 2010

Super HaPpy fUn dAys!

Well I had another birthday and my awesome husband
made me my favorite German Chocolate Cake just
like my mom does it. He is awesome!

Blow hard old lady! haha
do you like the candles Stratton
thought of that all by himself:)

These awesome people (the Sowards) took
us snowmobiling today for the first time and it was
a blast can you believe it is May 1st.

Say Cheese! Don't you like my husbands sweet Jokelys!


Hey Stratton! what are you doing out there? :0

Hang on honey! We only feel off once and it was graceful!

It was fun enjoying the COLORADO SNOW for once.

Whats up! Sweet Gloves

Dumb and Dumber that's right!("Harry your hands are freezing!")
Stratton is Graduating May 15 in Exercise Science!
Woohoo Strattton I love you! Your so smart!


DeWitts said...

looks like lots of fun. you sure look like a old lady. haha! stratton did a awesome job on the cake.

Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

Oh my. I am cracking up! The last picture is totally Harry and Loyd. You poor thing. Strattons hands look nice and warm. hahaha. It looks so beautiful there! Oh, and the cake looked delish! Wish we were closer so we could make it to Strattons graduation! Congrats stratton!!!!! We are so proud of you. It takes so much hard work and dedication to get through and graduate!!!!!!! woohoo!!!