Saturday, June 14, 2008

Zapata Falls

Stratton striking a pose and of course
when we got ready to take pictures
my camera was out of batteries so
we took these on Strattons phone

Today we decided to get to know the area a little. Stratton and I finally had a chance to get out of the gym and see what Colorado had to offer. We went to Zapata Falls it is about 30 miles out of Alamosa a short little hike about a half a mile to the falls then jumping from rock to rock trying not to get our feet wet, but no luck. It was very pretty and lots of fun to get out and enjoy nature haha. Probably the funniest thing on the hike when we asked this serious hiker lady how far the hike to the lake was. As she replied me and Stratton both noticed a little baggy she was holding with something interesting in it. I guess she did not want to leave anything behind and crapped in the bag!!!!! It was pretty funny as we followed behind her and the little blue bag.