Thursday, August 16, 2012


                                                                            24th parade
                                                            cute kids
                                                                 our family
                                                                     love this little boy
                                                                    He loves his grandma and papa
                                                     Thanks Dad and Gunner for helping us move
                                                      Gunner wanted to come and all he wanted was
                                                        deep dish pizza, Chicago dog and beef sandwich
                                                         after that he was one happy boy!
                                                 millennium park.
                                                           Willis tower
                                                     they wouldn't let us in we were so sad so my
                                                      dad and gunner went to a whitesox game that night.
                                              Walking to lake Michigan
Well we did it we left early Wednesday morning August 1st and made our journey to Chicago. My awesome Dad and little brother Gunner helped drive my car on our little journey. We arrived to Chicago on Friday we unloaded all are stuff up to the 3rd floor of our apartment and went out and tried our first Chicago deep dish Pizza at Giordano's and it was pretty good. Than Saturday we took the train into town and checked out all we could in one day before Sunday came and we had to say good bye to my Dad and Gunner. It was super sad saying  bye to all our family my parents were so kind to let us live with them for over a year. Stratton said he was even going to have a hard time leaving because they treated us so good and of course miss my moms cooking and poor little Dash loved them so much he would wake up every morning looking for grandma and papa and when he found them he got the biggest smile on his face, but we are excited to get Stratton into school and done with school so we can be back home closer to our families.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dash's blessing Day his Dad gave him
such a sweet blessing and he looks so cute

Our first family pic on his blessing day!
Easter Day we went to tucson to see his new cousin!
and I love this face it just makes me laugh
Another Easter pic he is getting so big!
I can not believe that Dash is 3 months old! He has been such a blessing in our life and has been so much fun. He always has lots of smiles and is starting to love to talk to you. He is also figuriAdd Imageng out his hands and how to use them he can grab things and wants to put it in his mouth so bad. He loves his tongue and his fist. He has rolled over once or twice but my mom keeps telling me i need to lay him down more so he can learn to roll over but we just love to hold him. He also loves his dad so much whenever his dad comes home he starts to talk and talk and smiles it really is so cute. At his two month check up he weighed 13.8pounds and was 24.5 in. long that is in the 95% for both he is growing into a big boy and its so cute. We just love him so much and I am so grateful to be his mom.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1 week old




Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Say hello to

Stratton Dash Solomon
Born this morning at
7:55 am
Weighed in at
7lbs 12oz
and was
21 and half in long
He is one handsome little guy!

Mom and Baby Dash are both doing good.